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Blueberry Facial (included)

We use a tearless blueberry facial scrub which gently cleanses your pet’s eye area to remove dirt and tear stains and clean between the folds of the muzzle.

Teeth brushing (included)

I always believe in keeping our pet’s teeth as clean and healthy as we would do our own. Teeth are brushed using a toothbrush with Sentry pet toothpaste. It cleans the gums to help protect the build up of germs that can threaten your pets health. We finish with a fresh pet breath spray as a finishing touch.

Nail Trim (included)

We clip and polish your pet’s nails to the correct length.

Ear Cleaning (included)

We use the correct ear cleaner to ensure that the pH balance in your pet’s ear isn’t disturbed, in order to prevent infections and promote a better smelling pet. We will also pull/trim ear hair as per your request.

Hand Dry (included)

We hand dry each pet with soft cotton towels and gently hand blow-dry his or hers coat.

We do not use or have cage dryers.

Light de-matting & full brush out (included)

We do not believe that it is humane to try and brush out pets that have heavy matting. However, all our services include light de-matting that can be easily brushed out. We comb through every inch of your pet to ensure that there are no mats or leftover loose fur.

2 shampoos and a conditioner (included)

All your pet’s get a warm water refreshing  bath with the best in line, show quality products. Each pet gets a first round of deep cleanse shampoo, which is followed up with a coat specific second round of shampoo. They are then finished off with a conditioner that will leave your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Finishing touches (included)

Every pets spa day it finished off with that beautiful touch of a bow/bandana or a bowtie/necktie. We also spritz your pets final coat to keep that clean and fresh smell lasting longer!

Hair Cuts

Hair cuts can be added to any bath service. You can request a breed specific trim, a shave down or a length of your choice. We will be able to deliver to your request as long as your pup isn’t severely matted.

Tidy Up

Our tidy up service includes trimming of the paw pads, sanitary area and trimming of the face, feet and tail. This can be added to any bath package and is included in a full haircut package.


A deshed treatment is a part of the bathing package for all double coated dogs. All dogs such as Labradors, Corgis, Pugs, German Shepherds etc are given a deshed treatment as part of their bathing process and are priced accordingly. We have several deshed treatment options, be sure to ask us during your consultation.

Paw/Pad Treatment

Our Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets are the perfect product to not only pamper your dog but has many great health benefits for their paws.  Most dogs lick their paws as there is a buildup of bacteria, fungus and/or yeast in the toes and around their paw pads.  Our product which contains White Tea Tree Oil along with other luxurious natural ingredients which have great benefits for their paws. It helps to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs, deep cleanses and sanitizes feet and paws, replenishes the moisture in the paws and softens them.

Bath Package Full Groom Package
Small dogs (under 20 lbs) Starting price $70 Starting price $90
Medium Dogs (20-40 lbs) Starting price $80 Starting price $100
Large Dogs (40 – 65 lbs) Starting price $90 Starting price $110

All prices quoted over the phone or email are estimates only. In order to maintain our prices we recommend that the pets be groomed regularly on a 2,4 or 6 week schedule.

Dogs with heavy matting that do not intend to be shaved, will be charged a de-matting fee of $15 for every 20 minutes.

Standard size Poodles and Doodles who wish to be kept in full quote start at $110  to  $125