For most pets, a visit to the groomer is a regular affair. Most pets see their pet stylist at 2/4/6/8 week intervals. That’s way more times than your pet visits the vet. (Hey that’s a good thing!!)

When a pet stylist works on your dog/cat, we literally examine them from nose to toes. Be it clipping nails, or cleaning ears or looking inside their mouths when we brush their teeth. The whole time your pet is in our care, we are constantly in physical contact with them and can notice any small bump, redness or anything unusual that wasn’t there the last time. For me personally, the hair dryer is my best friend. When I blow dry every pet, I get to see every last square inch of their skin. In a lot of thick double coated dogs this has helped me alert the owners of things they may have missed while playing or petting their animals. From small tumors to rashes on the skin to severe ear infections, we pin point them all.

Even a simple change in behavior or “this dog isn’t acting like itself today”, nothing goes unnoticed. I personally feel that it is very important to have a open and healthy communication line with your pet stylist. Also, it is equally important for us to always be aware of any health issues your pet may have, prior to us visiting. Be it a dislocated joint, or a heart murmur, sensitive skin, or a benign tumor. The more information we have, the better suited we are to customize the experience for your pet. We can pick the appropriate products, be extra careful in our handling of your pets and give the process the time it needs.

In the end the safety of your pet is our utmost priority. Always ask your groomer at the end of each session if they noticed anything unusual, how did the session go, was the pet behaving like they always do? This helps us all work cohesively toward a common goal of a healthy and happy pet!
If you live in San Diego and are within our service area, use our booking form to schedule a visit and let us help you care for your pet!

healthy,happy puppy after a positive grooming experience

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