Living here in San Diego, we are blessed with spectacular weather all year round! On those rare occasions when we do get rain, we feel so helpless (and so do our pets) that we don’t know how to go about our day! :-).However in many parts of the country and the world, people deal with some very severe weather conditions. No body can blame you for not stepping out when it 30 below freezing or 120C.

On days like these, our dogs get a little stir crazy too! We came up with this game for our dog back when we lived in Arizona and had extremely hot summers. Butch would either get a walk at 5 AM or at 10 PM, and even then it had to be short and quick. He has always been a very high energy and active Labrador. So  we had to find ways to keep him busy and get him tired inside the house!

You can call this Find it or Hide and go Seek

Playing hide and seek with your pet is a great way to challenge their minds. Put your pet in a room away from view.
Fill a Kong or other similar treat toy with his or her favorite treats. Take the toy into the room where your pet is and let them smell or taste the treats. Then hide the toy in an easy location at first. Let your pet out and see how long it takes for them to find their reward. Make subsequent times a little more difficult! This fun and interactive game will help your pet beat the boredom blues. This is also a game that you can easily engage your kids with!
Here is a link to a toy I recently found on amazon and my one year old Labrador puppy absolutely loves it!  Dog Toy

Message us if you like to learn to play more games with your pet! You can always drop us a line and we will be sure to write back or include it in our next post!
what games can I play with my dog

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