People often time tell us during our grooming appointments “hey, can you take the nails shorter this time?”. The truth is, us groomers always do. We first trim the dog’s nails and then grind them as far back as possible. 

Most likely,  if more than 4 weeks have gone by and your dog hasn’t had a nail trim, his or her nails will be too long! For the pets that we see on a 2/4/6 week rotation, this is generally not a problem. Once you go past that 6 week mark, you have probably gone too long. (Can you imagine not trimming your nails for 6 weeks!). If you go too long without trimming your dog’s nails the kwiks grow longer and longer. After a point they get so long that your groomer will not be able to clip the nails as short as you would like it. Also, long nails put a lot of back pressure on the dog’s feet and legs eventually causing them pain.

I have been advising a lot of my clients to get a nail grinder at home and I teach them how to safely grind their pets nails. This always works better if your dog is well trained as is used to you touching their paws. Grinding nails is way easier than clipping the nails and is most likely not going to hurt your pet once you learn how to do it right. So next time you see your pet stylist, ask them for ways you can work with your pet at home is it’s an area of concern for you.

One of my favorite nail grinders is the INVENHO nail grinder that can be found on amazon. I noticed that the dogs that didn’t like my previous grinders have taken very well to this one. Here is a link to that.

If you have any questions, or would like me to demo this please leave me a message and follow me on Instagram.

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