What is Mobile Pet Grooming?

Mobile pet grooming offers a stress free 1:1 environment for you and your pet. You don’t have to take any time out of your busy schedules to drop off and pick up. Pet parents can come home to a happy and clean pet at the end of your day. We can meet you at your home or office at a convenient time. Your pet will no longer have to be groomed in an environment with the potential of exposure to illness, fleas, and the stress of other barking dogs. Your dog will always have the same groomer available to talk to and go over your pets’ service. Our unique spa services in our state of the art grooming van ensures that you and your pet will have a professional, courteous, positive, stress free, and relaxing grooming experience each time.

What areas does The Yeller Pet Services service?

We currently service Carmel Valley, Sorrento Valley, Del Sur, 4S Ranch, Mira Mesa, Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Scripps Ranch and Rancho Penasquitos. Our business is constantly expanding, so check in with us if your area is not listed here.

Do you need any water or electric hook ups?

We absolutely do not. Our state-of-the-art custom built grooming van is completely self contained and all we leave behind is a happy and clean pet.

Can I see the inside of your van?

You sure can !We are very proud of our mobile grooming van and are happy to give you a tour when you arrive for your appointment.

Do you make same day appointments?

Unfortunately we cannot make same day or even next day appointments. We stay booked out a couple weeks in advance. Also, to make our day more efficient we try to schedule certain parts of town of certain days and would prefer to schedule you in on our planned days.

What is your cancelation policy?

In the unlikely event that you do not cancel your appointment 48 hours prior to your appointment a $40.00 fee will be charged to your account.

My schedule is really busy, and I can’t always be home. How can you accommodate me?

After our first visit we are more than happy to serve you and your pet without your presence. You can leave keys with us or give us a secure access to your home. We generally text you when we get there and when we finish and put your pet back in the house.

How long does the appointment usually take?

We can give you a better estimate once we meet your pet in person. However, most of our appointments take between 1-2 hours for dogs that are regularly maintained and in good condition.

Will there be any other pets in the van?

No, we provide a 1:1 service to every pet. Hence at any given time only your pet will be in the van. For houses with multiple dogs, we often take the dogs together if you and your pets are comfortable with it.

Can I stay with my pet while you are grooming?

Sometimes pets can become distressed during the grooming process when they see their family around.  In such cases it can make it difficult to safely complete their grooming treatments.
Hence we appreciate it if we could get some privacy during the grooming process.

Do you groom cats?

Not at this time but it is definitely something we are looking into for future expansion.

Do you express anal glands?

We check anal glands on all small dogs, and express if we feel the need to. We do external expression only and if they seem severely full or impacted, we will recommend a vet visit. Usually medium and larger size dogs do not need anal glad expression.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash, checks or Venmo. However, we do accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do you accept animals that have been sedated or do you sedate animals yourself?

We are not certified to care for pets under sedation or provide sedation to pets in our care. Mobile grooming is a great solution for animals that have anxiety from being at the groomers. We provide a very calming environment with exclusive 1:1 service. If you feel that your pet still needs sedation for grooming, then your pet should be groomed under a veterinarians supervision.

Do you muzzle dogs?

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with your pet. Usually muzzling a dog that is anxious about a certain part of grooming is not a long term solution. We try to work with your pet best as we can without any force and we give you a full report of the grooming experience. Then if you feel that we must use a muzzle to finish any part we may have struggled with, we will use it.

How old does an animal have to be to have their first spa day?

Starting a pup early on with regular grooming is beneficial to both the groomer and the pup. Grooming is something your pet will need regularly for the rest of their lives so sooner the better! We recommend starting after 10-12 weeks of age, after appropriate shots have been administered and the puppy is healthy. For your pup’s first grooming appointment we usually recommend our bath package with a minimal tidy up. This gives them some time to get accustomed to the process. A full haircut, the very first time is usually too much for a puppy.